About ENSO Health, Love Life

Enso’s idea is to bring together fitness, nutrition and a state of well being all in one place. We’ve created an environment for yoga practitioners and healthy conscious customers to connect as a community and improve their health. Taking steps in adding nutritious food while eliminating the ones that are harming you. We are focused in building relationships, community, and long lasting alliances.

Enso is located in the heart of Miami Springs and we invite you to join us to co-create a community dedicated to intentionally facilitating natural transformation both on and off the mat, utilizing the eight limbs of yoga as a path for personal growth and positive change in the world.

Smoothie Bar Healthy Living

We carefully select and offer a variety of nourishing and selected brands of foods and items before introducing it to our customers. Drink your way to better health by visiting us. A perfect meal on the go, with all natural goodness, temples of nutrients and purveyor of freshness


Certifications Experts You Can Trust

What makes Enso is our team of compassionate, professional Instructors and staff members. These individuals are all trained experts in their field and are committed to helping you understand the power of a healthy lifestyle. Enso a place to connect with people that are looking for a pure and a better way to live.

Health, Love Life always.

• Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach April 12, 2013

• American Association of Drugless Practitioners March 2013

• Food Safety Manager August 2013

• Rina Yoga 200+ hour Yoga Teacher Training April 2013

• Play, Learn & be Fit Skanda Kids Yoga TT October 2014

• Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher June 2013

Our Studio A Place To Connect

Enso is located in the heart of Miami Springs. Our studio offers a place to connect with like minded people that want to stay healthy in a peaceful and non competitive environment. We believe that Yoga creates positive change for all individuals from the inside out. Keeping in mind that everyone’s practice is unique and to empower each student to find their own limits and to overcome all obstacles in life.

Living in the present moment practitioners find the edge of their abilities and allowing their breath to activate their inner strength. In short, the practice becomes unique connecting the breath, mind, body and spirit empowering their true self.

Thank You To Everyone along the way

My genuine gratitude to all that have helped me pursue my path thus far, without any restrictions in manifesting a place where we can experience oneness and all things contained in it. Being able manifest our love, our true innermost self, in a healthy organic place.

Mom and Dad for believing in me, and showing me how to be independent and strong.

My wonderful children David, Nick, Griset and Charles in all their unique way for teaching me the unteachable.

My husband Charles, for being my greatest teacher of all, and believing in me.

My friends, Jody Rowe Staley, the Yoga Community, 305 Yoga, Rina Yoga and above all Skanda Yoga, which have inspired me to be strong, incredibly fearless have faith in myself and believe in my Divine light.

Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna, for showing me the way and how to truly love myself and others…

And above all God

Love to all always, Health, Love Life