Meet our teachers



It started with a belly breath, an awakening, timing, and a willingness to change my mind-set.

I hope that you will join me on this journey of positive change and healing.


Franci Blanco’s classes draws from various traditions of yoga and focusing and consciously moving the body with a large emphasis on the breath. She draws emphasis from her Ashtanga yoga practice sequence as well from inspirational teachers like Ram Dass and Sharon Salzberg.

Her classes focuses on proper alignment and attention to flows of energy that can help alleviate pain in our daily lives. Let’s connect with our intuitive intelligence, let life flow and let’s enjoy the ride.


Nelson Solis completed his 200-HR TT in power Vinyasa style that is based on the Indian philosophy mythology & the 13 moon cycle of the Mayan calendar. He also integrates in his classes IDO Portal movement culture, which he is a student of. This practice touches on movement intelligence, strength, mobility, acro, balance & body control.

Nelson’s class, will take you from the movement library we posses as humans and through a sequence, to unlock, unwind and detach .


Tania’s Castellanos started her yoga journey in 2000, falling in love with the essence of its teachings. She found her connection with Skanda Yoga , a school based out of Miami where she received her Teacher training certification. She is now the cofounder of Balan&Zen group which is a platform for mindful events, experiences and trips.

Her classes are a dynamic Skanda Level 1-2 , challenging the body and focusing on breath awareness throughout the practice.


Sara Barreiro Diaz has been practicing yoga for over a decade and has been teaching Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga since 2013. She keeps the class structure motivational focusing on both yoga and meditation allowing space for personal development.

She combines creative sequencing, breathing, strength training and laughter to each of her classes! Inspiring others when it comes to fitness goals which is why she is also a Beachbody Coach , pushing the practitioner to their Divine limits.


Carolina Gomez, has been practicing yoga over a decade with different disciplines of yoga, which include Yin Yoga, Energy Alignment & Vinyasa Flow. She simplifies the movements and breaks them into a breath inspiring practice, so the practitioner can relax the mind. 

Carolina’s drive is to motivate and surrender to all possibilities that the Divine Universe has to offer. She’s an example by demonstration, making an impact within her community by empowering others to live a healthy and an active lifestyle.


Kelly Gregorakis, possess over 20 years of knowledge in alignment, breath dynamics and the technical integrity of movement. Her class structure serves as a constant source of motivation and inspiration, encouraging individuals to take an inquisitive path toward exploring their own personal practice and inner journey through effortless effort.

Kelly’s classe’s combine her life experience’s, trainings & her philosophy; Certifications of Fluidus Method immersion, Mindful Based Stress Reduction; Teacher Trainings’; Anusara Immersion 1-111 and Skanda Yoga.