Hatha Yoga

A class tailored toward beginners, while still strengthening the body connecting with the breath, alignment and gaining awareness in the pose.

Skanda Yoga

Skanda Yoga is an alignment-based power vinyasa style that is based on Indian philosophy and mythology. It is a progressive style for advancing the practice of traditional asana (posture) while incorporating modern scientific stretching techniques.

Vinyassa I

This class is for practitioners to connect to the breath, strengthen and deepen their practice with a fearless heart. Connecting breath, alignment and gaining awareness in the pose.

Vinyassa II y III

A challenging class for more experienced practitioners, connecting the breath, strength and bringing awareness while challenging the body. Vinyassa III is a class for advanced and experienced Practitioners.

Functional Fitness for Seniors

An invigorating class stimulating functional movement of the joints, ligaments and muscles, restoring connection with the mind and the body. This class integrates gentle stretching and regenerative exercises. Open to all levels.

Yogi Schoolhouse Rock

Children’s yoga, mindfulness and creative movement class. This class will focus on teaching children how to breath and move to build strength, confidence and concentration. Bring your favorite little person and you will notice the difference!

Core and Restore

A balanced, total-body workout designed to challenge, yet leave you feeling rejuvenated.This class integrates bodyweight strength training and restorative yoga. Open to all levels.

Gentle Hatha and Restore Class

This class is for all levels of practitioners. The teacher will lead you through a Gentle Hatha Yoga practice for the first half of the class preparing to calm the nervous system guiding you into a restful restorative practice for the second half allowing the body to fully be at ease, releasing all tension and to be completely relaxed.

Specialty Workshops & Series

Aside from our regular class schedule, we offer a variety of specialty workshops and series to offer more opportunities to connect. Check out our workshop schedule for updates and announcements.