Our Story

At Enso we hold a space for each individual to create their own version of health and the love for life. Enso is a lifestyle center that brings together products, fitness, nutrition, and healing in a unique setting immersed in nature. We are committed to serving children, teens and adults of all levels. Recognizing that we are all unique individuals, Enso offers a variety of workshops, classes and events that include yoga, creative arts, nutrition, holistic healing, and personal development for all walks of life.

The focus at Enso is to understand an individual’s situation and help them solve it through nutrition and an array of healing services. There is something wonderful here for everyone, from connecting with nature to understanding we are all unique, perfectly imperfect individuals.

We invite you to join us in creating a community dedicated to facilitating natural growth and transformation, both on and off the mat.

Griset Cisneros

Founder at Enso Life Center


Griset Cisneros

Founder at Enso Life Center

It started with a belly breath, an awakening, timing, and a willingness to change my mind-set.

When I tried yoga for the first time, I found the basic, slow belly breathing very calming and impactful.  It was around that time that I felt encouraged to pursue a yogic path. I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and The Landmark Forum, became certified as a Yoga teacher, and attended A Course in Miracles retreat.  The Hindu Philosophy teachings of Swami helped me heal, forgive myself, and forgive others to the extent that my mind and heart were opened to the discovery that I wanted to change my life and do something that I really believed in, loved, and enjoyed.

I went from a career in the world of finance to teaching yoga.  It started out slowly, as I learned to find my unique voice and build up confidence in my teaching technique.

At first my “students” were mere stuffed animals, but later evolved to teaching 2-3 friends in my home. We found taking care of our minds and bodies through the practice of yoga very therapeutic. But what else could I do with all that I was learning?. A magnificent opportunity arose when, while enjoying a meal at Siamo, I noticed that the space next door was vacant.  The seed was planted!  It was then that I envisioned an outdoor space incorporating my love of nature and spiritual growth.  A place where the exchange of ideas, art, music, meditation, nutrition, and healing with certified practitioners would be available for the community.  My family was encouraging and inspirational in the creation of this simple yet inviting and nurturing space. Enso truly came from a place of love.

I hope that you will join me on this journey of positive change and healing.  Enso offers events, workshops, yoga classes, and even courtyard weddings. Soon, other certified practitioners will be onboard teaching a variety of courses, seminars, poetry, painting, and healing practices, especially for those with Alzheimer’s and cancer. Believe in yourself, let go of doubt, trust the journey